Thursday, October 12, 2017

Unknown miniature manufacturer

Anyone know who makes these?
They seem to be 25mm (not quite 28mm) deep ones or fish men.

Battle Troll: the Gentlemen callers

Dan, Howard and I had a three way game of Battle Troll.  Howard's band had captured the beautiful Brunhilda, and wedding plans were being made, whhen Dan and I showed up with romantic dreams of our own.
Whomever was able to sweep the lady off her feet (and the board), would be remembered in the sagas.

 Howard has word the rival gentleman callers are coming, and arranges his defense.
 Dan arrives first, and draws first blood killing a thrall.
 I arrived shortly after, but my warlord recieved a slight arrow wound that was holding him back.  Either way, things were looking grim for Howard caught in between us.
 In the chaos,  Brunhilda slipped her bonds and made a run for it, in the direction of Dan's camp.
 Dan followed her, since she was the prize after all.  I gave chase and made an amazing movement roll (three 6's) and was able to cut him off.
 Using a classic football move, Dan threw his blockers against my wings, used his warlord to make a hole, then his hearthguard grabbed the girl and made a run straight up the middle.
Dan runs off the board with his new love.  Another romantic saga concludes!

Game: 28mm, Dan's figures a mix of Gripping Beast plastic and metal, Crusader, Black Tree.  Houses from Acheson Creations.

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Some truly revolting manners....

Playtesting some revisions to Howard's "A Gentleman's War".

Sunday, September 17, 2017

GURPS: The Prisoners of Efate, part 2

We got together to play some GURPS rpg over the weekend.  Being a LowKey designed campaign, the plot is far too complicated to summarize in a paragraph.  Suffice to say that the PCs had all been drawn to the Northern lands (think Vikings) for various reasons, but discovered an ancient evil (Cthulian mythos) was being awakened.
The party meets at a druid of Heng's temple, where the plot is revealed.  Full disclosure is cut short by an attack of byakee and other alien fiends.
As the party crosses the wilderness they encounter moon flies and another byakee.
Father Wolfgang makes short wotk of the byakee with his distant blow spell.
Some Viking children are rescued from wolves.  Their father may take the group further north later by boat.
The Jack negotiates passage to the tomb of Heng with the witch "Master-Blaster".

The way is revealed across the field of fire.

The tomb of Heng is found, but a giant gorga lizard blocks the way.  Wolfgang lures it away with an annoying light spell.
Before they can enter, a stranger appears, claiming to be a fellow Heng worshipper.  The party suspects him of being one of the Gith, interplaner master swordsman. The Jack disarms him with a mind control spell, while Kayne shoots an arrow at his head, rolling back to back criticals.  One dead swordsman.
The party fnally enters the tomb of Heng (i would have busted out the Dwarven forge terrain but it was very late and were almost finished).
The spirit of Heng is summoned, and the next stage of the adventure is revealed.

Friday, August 25, 2017

SAGA, end of season 4: the Burh

We played the Burh scenario from the Age of the Wolf campaign.  The Anglo-Danes were attacking a Norman village.
As with many things in AotW some of the scenario aspects were a bit vague.   Can mounted units cross the palisade/wall?  Can the defenders open the gate to go out?  Or come back in (for those that started outside?)

The layout:  the Anglo Danes attack from the left side.  They get points for every figure over the wall at the end of 7 turns.  Standard victory points for kills are added as well.
I had my warlord and 6 mounted warriors outside the wall on the left flank.
And 7 crossbow warriors on the right defending the wall.
Waiting in reserve was my hearthguard unit (10, including a warbanner).  After the first turn I had to roll a 6 on d6 for them to arrive.  How hard could that be?
The Anglo-Danes approach.  3 units of warriors and 1 unit of hearthguard (i forgot if this was 6 or 8 strong)
The first round of crossbow fire finds several victims.  The crossbowmen are then able to turn away the first unit of Anglo-Danes at the wall, but as it looks like they will be overwhelmed, I pulled them back.
Their expert shooting disappeared after that- they were not able to inflict anymore casualties before the Danes ran them down.
Outside my horsemen were too burdened with fatigue inflicted by Anglo dane battleboard abilities to get into the action.
Rogbert charged forward trying to lure out the Angle Warlord, but he was too cowardly to take the challenge.  I guess he felt too comfortable in his shiny new burgh.
So by turn 7 i was still not able to roll a "6" to bring on my reserve unit.  Garrett called it the "Death Star" because it was so potentially dangerous, just lurking over the horizon, but in the end I had to name them "Jeb Stuart", as they were riding all over the countryside except where I needed them.

Thus ended season 4 of our campaign.  A double loss season for the Normans.
The Anglo Danes and Anglo Saxons picked up a victory each while the Vikings stayed quiet and rebuilt their forces.
 We had a side game going on at the same time.  Dan walked Nate through the rules in a viking on viking hack fest.
They started off playing clash of warlords but Nate managed to kill Dan's warlord right off the bat, so they switched to a 2 player "Feast for crows".  Nate won by a few figures.