Monday, July 2, 2018

The Return of Irons and Jack

After a many year abscence, we had a GURPs RPG game with our old characters, medieval gangster Jeremy Irons and his enforcer sidekick Big Jack DuPree.
Their mission was a typical one:  go put down a peasant uprising caused by the incompetent and abusive rule by their Lords.
The spiritual leader of the rebellion was tracked down to some ruins. 

His body guards were quickly surroundef and destroyed by the Northern Light Brigade.
Irons leads some mercenary cavalry to personal glory.
Also typical was that the rebellion had been helped along by dark forces, plotting the overthrow of the crown and humankind itself.
This led to a dungeon/tomb, where this sort tends to hang out.

We weren't able to make it passed the lobby,  before casualties mounted, resources depleted and enemy reinforcements arrived. 

We struck a deal to leave in peace.
Unbeknownst to us at the time, Olivia's little girl character escaped with us.  Being a Magery 4 child, she was a major part of the spell components the enemy needed to summon their "thing that man was not meant to know".
It was a rare species of victory!

Saturday, June 30, 2018

Shaken, not stirred.

An accidental game of Mad Dogs with Guns/007.
Bond is enjoying an evening in a French Inn when one of the staff tips off his nemesis Baron LeGros, who rushes to the scene with some thugs to catch the international man of mystery.

Friday, June 15, 2018

Disposable Gentlemen 1.5 : Battle of Bloody Gulch

Thursday saw the return of Nate from his paternity leave.
Since it was D day +8 I choose to set up a WW2 Normandy game based on the Band of Brothers battle called "Bloody Gulch" that took place on D+7 outside of Carentan as the Germans try to break through the 101st airborne.
Dan played the attacking Germans, Howard played the 101st, Nate played the 2nd Armored division coming as reinforcements. I umpired the game to make it flow faster in our allowed time limit, and also since half the rules are in my head as this is a stripped down version of original Disposable heroes with the initiative system Howard uses for "A Gentleman's War".
The setup: Germans deploy first, then the US airborne may deploy in reaction.  They get an extra -1 cover since they had time to dig foxholes.  The US armor would arrive (1 Sherman and 1 squad) after the US ended a turn or a joker came up (max 2 units).

The Germans advance to the first hedgerow and begin firing on the ridge.
101st takes a couple of casualties from HE fire.
A lucky mortar round hits a German halftrack.

The two Anerican armored reinforcements arrived fairly quickly.
German fire takes out the 101st .30 cal mg.

US infantry advance up the left flank.
German squad tries to flank on the opposite flank.
The Shermans engage the German armor and destroy both after several attempts.

Dick Winters keeps his men in line.  Bolstering their morale and keeping them in place.   If they run, the game is lost.
With the stug down, the fire is taken out of the German attack.
The US clings to its victory conditions just barely.  Seven 101st men are left on the battle line.