Saturday, March 17, 2018

Day at the museum

No game this week, but got to the Metropolitan Museum of Art and a look at the arms and armor exhibit.  Seen this several times but it doesn't get old (even though it is old).  There was a temporary exhibit of some Japanese armor on loan at this time.

Friday, March 9, 2018

Thursday, March 1, 2018

A Gentleman's War: Beemis Heights AWI

Played a game of Howard's "A Gentleman's War " AWI, using the Beemis Heights scenario modified for our figures from the Black Powder Rebellion book.
I played the Royal forces and Howard was the southern US flank and Dan was the Western flank attack.
US objectives are the 2 redoubts.

Howard gets his Americans into the southern redoubt.

In an attempt to keep Dan's forces away from the second redoubt, i pushed my Hessian Grenadiers out and tried to break up the rebel advance.  It was not to be, as they were charged from behind and my general was lost.  A total victory for the rebel forces.  The world turned upside down!

Some complete fake news from the Yankee perspective:

Friday, February 16, 2018

Battle Troll: Brothers from other mothers

We played a game of Battle Troll, hopefully the start of a campaign.

The four sons of the aging hero Ragnar have been sent on a raid to prove which one should fill dad's hairy britches.
The hero that grabs the most loot and returns to the longship in time, wins the honors.
 The village to be plundered.
 The appropo libations brought by Dan: beer from Iceland.  Pretty good!
 And the pig grab begins in earnest...
 One of my karls grabs two pigs and heads for the longship, but Nate's hero "Carl", sends his boys to liberate them for themselves.
 Dan's hero Halvar heads for a hut and some pigs.
 Howard's band led by his hero Ingvar grabs some pigs and searches a house.
 Halvar finds a house full of locals, 2 of which are ready to fight.  One dies, but the other sends an axe into Halvar's foot, depriving him of a few toes.
 Enemy reinforcements arrive and attack Howard.  One throws a javelin into one of Howard's karls.  It doesn't improve his health.
 Ingvar drops one of the horsemen,  but in turn is gravely wounded in the shoulder.
 I searched two huts and after a small skirmish and chasing children around a table, came away with 2 captives and a barrel of beer.
 The mad dash to the boat as the tide goes out.
In the end, Ingvar came away with 3 pigs and 3 horses (and one less functioning arm), Halvar and Karl had 4 pigs each, and I came in last with 2 prisoners and an barrel of beer.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

A Gentleman's War, AWI, Delaying Action scenario

Working on some further refinements to Howard's "A Gentleman's War" rules.
This is the "Delaying action" scenario.  A mixed bag of Americans has to hold off some British grenadier, lights and cavalry for the allotted time.
The Continental units hold up on the hill, some militia on the reverse slope.
The Grenadiers go up the hill to flush out the pesky riflemen.
The riflemen flee the scene, letting the Grenadiers get stuck in with some line troops.
After seeing the US troops off, they turn the American left flank.
But the Yanks arent quite done.  Rushing back up the hill they send the exhuasted Grenadiers packing.
By now the lights have made it up the hill and are engaged by militia rushing to plug the gaps in the line.
Some cavalry do what they do best,  chase away men that are already running away.
The lights charge into the US right flank,  they win, but not decisively enough to crack them.
Some bad horsemen threaten to get behind the US line.
Time runs out!  The Americans,  although badly mauled, managed to keep enough units intact to win the game.  General Washington escapes to Las Vegas with his army.