Thursday, March 30, 2017

Old Skool dungeon crawl

This was literally "old school", as these are the miniatures we used to use back in college over 20 years ago!
This was an installment of the Great Sir Hiffin and his Templar White Cloaks.
Hiffin, Mugabe and 2 squires are tasked with recovering the Cross of St. Croix.  It was stolen from Anthrax Abbey by a Basque thief known as Rochelle.  The cross was used to seal up a Gothic tomb in the Valley of Chaos.
Using his superior powers of deduction, Sir Hiffin deducted that the cross has been stolen to open the tomb.  His group travels to the crypt and finds it open.  They journey inside hot on the trail of the crooks.  Dealing with some Draugr on the way.
In one corridor is a demonic 3 headed dog, but fortunately the Hiffin doesn't hae to go that way.
Mugabe scouts ahead and tracks the thieves to a vault...
The thieves are trapped.  Hiffin uses his powers of persuaion to convince them to surrender and come clean about their motives.  They were sent to this vault by the Black prince of Basque to obtain anti-dragon weapons as they had been raided by Grund the dragon and feared he would return.  Hiffin had positive dealings with the Black Prince during the Basque war, so he wrote him a diplomatic letter and sent the thieves home.  Rochelle was so enamored of Hiffin's selfless deeds and natural charms, it was all he could do to get her to leave his side.  As she rode across the border he could see a tear in her eye.

Chain of command: "29 Let's Go!" Scenario 3

Dan, Howard, Nate and I got together at Hobby Town to play the 3rd scenario of the 29 Let's Go! campaign.
Rules: Chain of Command
Scale: 28mm
Figures and scenery: Artizan, Black Tree, Warlord Games, Miniature building authority
We gave each player 2 squads,  1 tank, 1 senior leader. Each side also had a shrek/bazooka.  The US also chose a .50 cal, BAR upgrade and medic.
This is a flank attack scenario.  The US is attacking from the bottom side and left side.
Nate and I played US.  US patrol markers move in from the flank.  German markers quickly lock them down.
US deploy a squad at the forward and rear hedge.
German turn 1.  Germans deploy to manor house and begin firing on GIs to little effect.
Howard deploys his 2 squads and they make their way towards the farm buildings.
The first Marder comes in.
Turn 2.  US squad puts fire on the manor house.  Lots of shock and 2 kills.

The first Sherman comes on.  Takes a shot at the Marder but misses.
Nate gets a double phase and decides to use it to try and cross the open ground.
The squad makes it to the farmyard.
Turn 2 Germans move into farm buildings and begin to make firing loopholes.
The other M4 comes on and takes a shot at the Marder.  It results in 2 shock on the Marder crew.
The US squads fire on the enfilading MG34, eventually driving it off.
.50 cal deploys and opens up on the farmhouse.
The Germans make loop holes and start to put the hurt on the closest US squad.  They are also taking fire from the Marder, which has such disdain for the pathetic shooting ability of our Shermans that it never even takes a shot at them.
Dan's second MG team breaks, looking for comfort behind a nice big stone wall.
The Germans take a second force morale test.  I think they were down to 5 (from 8).
Nate deploys the Bazooka team to deal with Marder but it misses.
Howard's 2 squads in the farm buildings take most of the fire, but 2 tanks, .50 cals and BARs only put a dent in them.
The high water mark of the US attack.  The squad at the farm is badly torn up, pinned and breaking.
At this point we were out of time and had to call the game.  The US wasn't able to break the German force morale so it was another German win.  3 for 3 in this campaign.
I'm starting to see the logic behind Operation Cobra.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

A gentleman’s war: invasion of England

Met up with Dan and Howard for a game of Howard's "A Gentleman’s War" rules using his 42mm "toy soldiers ".

Dan has quite a good AAR on his blog and since typing this on the cellphone is quite tedious, I am going to link to Dan's blog and just post my photos.
Dan's blog:

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Saga: Age of the Wolf, game 2

FusilierDan and I played another game in our Age of the Wolf campaign.   My second, his first battle.
We rolled the Clash of Warlords scenario.   Objective:  kill the enemy warlord.   Simple enough.  Let's get to it!
 Dan wisely picked 2 woods (cover from crossbows and breaks up horse charges).  I picked a hill, for no good reason,  as it later blocked my xbows line of sight.
 Deployment at the start.  My Normans on the left,  Dan's vikings on the right.
 Turn 1.  Vikings move up into woods.
 Normans do the electric slide to the right flank.
 Crossbows spend 2 turns shooting into woods.
 The viking abilities really blunted the shooting.  In all just 1 viking warrior is killed.
 Norman warlord and hearthguard charge in at the viking warriors. They kil a few, sending them packing back into the woods.  The Normans activate again, going after the viking Warlord.
 The viking warlord kills 1 Norman knight (sending them back 4") and my warlord does not get any hits so he bounces back as well.
 Turn 5.  Dan rests up his warlord and tries to bring his hearthguard up to support his warlord.
 I finally roll 2 flags on the saga dice and can activate my best ability (die axie?).  In the warlord and knights go again.  This time a net 5 hits on the warlord vs 1 in return.  The viking warlord only saves 1, thus goes down swinging.
Rolling on the post battle chart gives a result of Dead!  Valhalla awaits Halvar Skullsplitter.  Rogbert the Handsome finally tastes a point of victory after losing his baggage train to the Anglo-Danes last game.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Chain of Command: 1st game

This was actually the first game I played back in January,  but I forgot to post it.

 View from the German side.
 US deploy a squad behind a hedgerow.   I deployedmy FO in the farm and tried to bring a mortar barrage in on them.  It fell off table.
 The US deployed a Sherman and blew up my FO.
 A squad trades fire with the US trying to keep them from crossing the field.
 Using a coc die I popped an ambush that destroyed the M4.

The remnants of the left flank squad fter they advanced into an open field to take a panzerfaust shot at the last M4.  Their flight reduced my force morale to close to breaking.
Time was up so we called the game here.