Sunday, March 5, 2017

Saga: Aetius and Arthur, 1st game

5 points Romans vs. Visigoths: Battle of the ford.

G-man had just received his copy of A&A and we were both looking forward to giving it a go.  I'm actually pretty thin on figures for this period but I had a lot of Early Imperial Romans lying around eager for some gladius time, so they would have to stand in.
G-man took the Romans and I took Goths (Visigoths, to be precise- they are allowed mounted units).  We rolled randomly and got the "Ford" scenario.  First time I played that as well. (In this scenario you win by getting more figures/points on the enemy's side of the river in 7 turns)
I put some hearthguard and warriors at the stone bridge to face off against the legionairres.
My warlord, hearthguard and one warriors were at the ford facing some Roman archer warriors.
Some levy archers made up the middle.
My hearthguard went right in at the bridge...
And were embarrassingly wiped out with just 1 return kill.
My warlord and hearthguard went across the river to deal with the archers but it took too many turns to actually wipe them out (draining all my activation dice in the process) and cost two hearthguard.

My intact warriors joined the warlord to try and up our point count on the enemy side of the river.
On the bridge there was no stopping the Roman war machine.  Arrows bounced off.  My warriors fell back.  I thought I might get them across the ford but the math was against me winning at this point.  
I would have to get very lucky with my remaining warriors and archers and take a lot if Romans down in the last 2 turns....

I didn't....and Legate Garreticus claimed victory at the ford!

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