Friday, May 26, 2017

Mad Dogs with Guns: Eastenders vs Westies

We had another go at Mad Dogs with Guns gangster era game.
This time Notorious Nate, leader of the West Side Boys, faced off against Dastardly Dan, crime boss of the Eastenders.  A thin line of blue and Broadway separates these two from their (randomly chosen) criminal goals.
Nate has drawn the goals of "Get the embezzling city comptroller out of the municipal building and out of town" and "raid the other crime bosses HQ".  He and his men run out of their HQ and hop in their car.  Unfortunately a sharp eyed beat cop spots the violin case and walks over to investigate.  "Whataya mugs got in the case there?"
Notorious Nate tries to charm his way out, but his excuse of going to music lessons falls flat.   "Somebody get this flatfoot outta my face!"
One of Nate's thugs runs up and puts the bat to the boy in blue.
Another beatcop witnesses the beat down and plugs the thug with his .38
Nate races passed the scene to get to the municipal building.
While Nate goes inside to find the comptroller,  his torpedo starts a shootout with the copper.
The cop beats a retreat into the station to fetch some heavier firepower, while his partner blazes away from the window with a tommy gun.
Nate emerges with the comptroller,  kicking a confused citizen down the stairs.
Meanwhile  on the east side, Dastardly Dan has his missions, rescue the priest and raid the safe in Nate's HQ.  He splits up his team and sets out.
Two of his team negotiate by an inquisitive couple and enter the church.
Dan and two thugs drive over to Nate's hideout.
Meanwhile Nate gets the comptroller in the car and drives away amidst ineffectual police shooting.
On the way passed the church his torpdo makes a dexterous leap from the running board.
East side Ernie convinces the priest he should come with them, but spots the torpedo laying in wait outside the church yard.  "Is der a back door to dis place, faddah?"
"Yes, my son, this way"  the trio high tail it out the side door.
Back at Nate's HQ, Dan and his shooters go in guns blazing.

They dro Nate's gun moll and slugger without taking a scratch.
While Dan cracks the safe, the shooting has gotten the attention of the tommy gun wielding policeman.
Officer Roland blocks the front door, smg at the ready.  Dan's shooters try to light him up but they are cut down in turn.
Safe contents in hand, Dastardly Dan escapes out the backdoor.  "So long, suckahs!"
And back on the east side, Nate's torpedo heads to Dan's hideout.  Dan has left his tommygunner to guard his stash.
Unfortunately for Hungry Harry, he is caught holding a baloney sandwich instead of his gun.  The toredo plugs him dead before he can switch.  He then raids Dan's locker and makes a clean getaway.
Ernie and the priest eventually make it to safety as well.  Both players accomplished both their objectives, but Notorious Nate finished first, gathering the Top Banana honors.
Rules: Mad Dogs with Guns
Scale: 28mm
Miniatures: Copplestone, Ral Partha, RAFM
Buildings: 4ground, MBA, Plasticville, scratch built foam core.

You can view Dan's version here:

Friday, May 19, 2017

SAGA Age of the Wolf campaign season 2.

At the end of season 2, the Anglo-Danes raid the Normans.
G-man (the Anglo-Danes) rolls the scenario:  Escort.  Again!  
Last time I lost this scenario soundly, only recovering some points by wounding Tostig the Angle warlord in combat (satisfying a blood feud).

 Turn 1:  Normans at bottom of photo.
I put 2 wagons along the far left edge, protected by my warlord and combined hearthguard unit of 10 knights.  On the right is 1 wagon, crossbow warriors and mounted warriors.   The Anglo-Danes were set up heavy to the left, but one unit of hearthguard would block my way on the right.  All the units on the right advanced on turn 1.

 The hearthguard moved to intercept and clashed with the mounted warriors.
 The Angles beat us easily, forcing the horsemen back.   However, the hearthguard were now tied up in range of the crossbows and could not target the wagon.   The wagons scoots off board.  With one wagon away a complete loss is now not possible.
 The hearthguard go to exact some revenge on the crossbows.
 The hearthguard wins, but at great cost.  4 kills to 3.
 The wagon on the right made it away so it is now on to the left flank.  The warlord and norman knights advance to the Anglo-Danes shieldwall.
 The first clash is unimpressive- only one Anglo-Dane warrior dies, but it pushes the shieldwall apart.
 The follow up charge crashes into Tostig.  His men valiantly throw themselves in front of lances to save their warlord.
 Rogbert rides in to finish the job, but comes 1 hit shy.  The last 2 meat shields (er, Anglo-Danes warriors)  are killed and Tostig is pushed into a corner, dangerously isolated.
 The Anglo-Danes hearthguard charges across the field to save their master!
 They crash into the flank of the Normans knights, causing several casualties and pushing them back.
It is not far enough from Tostig, however.  "Come on boys!"  Beseeches Rogbert, "once more into the Danes!"
The knights charge again and this time Tostig goes down under spear, hoof and sword.  Unfortunately Rogbert own mount was blown and he was not able to deliver the killing blow to his old foe.

With the gap created by Tostig's death, the second wagon is able to move down the side of the table and off to safety with 4 activations.  
A Norman victory, and the end of Tostig.  But something tells Rogbert he will have a pesky little brother turn up someday looking for revenge.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Battle of Setauket: AWI with a Gentleman's War

At the end of the first season of the TV show "Turn", there is a battle for the Long Island town of Setauket.
On the show, the battle never completes due to a hostage situation,  and I always felt cheated and wanted to play it out someday.
Someday finally came, as Howard and I got together to try his (unpublished) "a Gentleman's War rules again for AWI.

The setup:
The British, expect attack and have fortified themselves on the church hill outside of town.
They have 2 units of regular infantry and a light gun.  They have sent a call out for reinforcements and will recieve a unit of cavalry and Queens Rangers at the end of turn 1 and 2.
The Yanks have 3 units of militia, (one of which has been been hardened of resolve by the British major using local tombstones to reinforce his defenses.), one unit of riflemen, 1 unit of Connecticut regulars and 1 unit of Continental Dragoons.
Initial deployment:  USA in the foreground.
The British defend the church. 
US dragoons advance on the left.
US infantry advance on right flank.
US starts to take some hits,  but get their riflemen into the woods on the right flank.
At the 2nd Joker the British cavalry show up.  They square off against the US dragoons.  After a brief fight they push the U.S. cav back.
A random event!  The british cannon suffers a terrible accident.
The British cavaly chase away a militia unit.
The US dragoons go back in, but lose again.  However, caught up in the chase, the British move off the table with their foe.
The US goes over the wall and have a see-saw battle with the British. Each side loses a unit but the US still has anumbers advantage.
The Queens Rangers finally show up, but are they too late to make a difference?  They gain the attention of thr riflemen.
The British put their faith in the bayonet and go for the charge, hoping to rout the fragile militia.
It doesn't pan out.  The U.S. sends the British packing.
Thus ends the battle of Setauket!

Minis: 28mm Perry and Old Glory 2nd ed.
Terrain: Miniature building authority and another resin maker from the UK I can't remember the name.

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