Friday, February 24, 2017

Flowers for Momma- A "Mad Dogs with Guns" adventure

The other night Howard was nice enough to run a gangster era game using his "Mad dogs with guns" rules.

The game was a 4 player event, with one player running the "Big Boss" who was coming to town to visit his mother's grave.  Another player was the local underboss (loyal in theory, but his objective was to steal a load of booze out of the Boss's warehouse), an out of town assassin, and myself, the G-men.

Welcome to Eclecticville.  28mm buildings from MBA, plasticville, 4Ground and foam core.
The train carrying crime boss Buddy Rich and his gang arrives in Eclecticville.

Buddy sends one of his dolls to the diner to pick up cannolis while the gang enters their car and prepares to leave the station.  They have to go to the church on the upper left corner.

The G men have been mislead by the crooked local PD and are watching the wrong location.
Meanwhile,  the underboss loads a truck with stolen booze and slowly heads for the edge of town.
As Buddy's car stops at the intersection....
Ambush!  The NY syndicate assassin opens fire from the waiting red car.
Buddy's car bursts into flames!  The gang attempts to bail out of the inferno.  All succeed except his moll.
The assassin speeds around the corner yrying to get another shot at the crime boss...
The accountant goes down in a hail of lead.

With a front row seat to the assassination attempt, the underboss decides it would be good form to show support for the Crime Boss.  His tommy gunner opens up on the fleeing red car...
...and it too bursts into flames!  The triggerman manages to get clear, but the wheelman dies a firey death.
The assassin moves towards the church to cut off Buddy and his gang.
Buddy's gang engages the assassin in a close range firefight, giving Buddy a chance to slip past and make a go at the church.
Meanwhile, the G Men have heard all the machine gun fire and exploding cars and realize they have been duped.  The head into town and set up a road block.
The Underboss's booze truck is blocked-  it has to try another path.
Flowers in hand, Buddy tries to sneak passed the G men.
His plan almost works, he dashes across the street into the church yard, but the G men spot him and give chase.   A burst of tommygun fire cuts poor Buddy down,  just yards from his sweet mother's grave.  Wind blows the dropped flowers across the cold pavement of Eclecticville....