Friday, April 21, 2017

Flint & Feather: River Gauntlet

Flint & Feather is a set of skirmish rules to fight battles between small North American Indian warbands in the pre- colonial era.  It is available through Bob Murch's Pulp Figures, along with some very nice 28mm figures.

 The scenario:  An Iroquois warparty led by Walks in Sorrow (Howard) has to get his 3 canoes of goods and 12 warriors down the river.  On each bank, a Huron warparty waits in ambush.
 The Iroquois start out, eyeing the riverbanks for enemies.
 On the South bank, 2 of Moon Belly's (me!) young warriors appear.  They hesitate to open fire until the boats are almost by them.
 One of young warriors is lightly wounded in the exchange.
 Next the canoes encounter another group of archers led by one of Moon Belly's companions.  Their arrows are more effective- killing one of the boatmen.
 On the opposite bank, Huron led by Pieskaret (FusilierDan) start shooting to good effect and kill two Iroquois.
 The Iroquois paddle faster trying to get out of the kill zone.
 On the south bank, the final obstacle appears- Moon Belly and 3 warriors.
 But what is this? Moon Belly has fashioned a long pole out of a tree limb.  He and his warriors attempt to puncture or tip over the passing canoe.
 The Iroquois manage to evade the pointy stick and are almost away...
 ...but the second attack manages a catastrophic piercing of the canoes hull, spilling the Iroquois and their goods into the river.  One Stripling makes it to some rocks but two others are dragged under.
 Hoping to recover their young warrior and goods, the two remaining Iroquois canoe land on the north shore.
 Although he has been passed by, Pieskaret rushes his men down the riverbank with the speed of the deer...
 And catches the Iroquois as they leave their boats.
 In the brutal melee that follows the Iroquois leader "Walks with Sorrow" and his companion Red Feather are taken down.  His few remaining men flee into the woods.
Thus ends the tale of the river gauntlet.   Pieskaret is declared the greatest warrior for taking the most prisoners, scalps and 2 canoes of loot!

Anyone interested in the figures or rules can look here:

Another view can be had at FusilierDan's blog:

Friday, April 7, 2017

A Gentleman’s War: AWI battle at the junction

A 28mm game of A Gentleman’s War by Howard using Perry and Old Glory 2nd Ed. Miniatures.

Howard, as the Americans,  defended a crossroads from FusilierDan and myself.
As Howard has already written a brief account of the action I will paste it here.

H: "I had a largish force of American rebels, mostly militia, defending a road junction. with a decent position with a walled field as centre. Eight units total. Dan and Matt approached from different directions with three units of Hessian grenadiers, Queen Rangers, Hessian jagers and 'Tarleton's Horse. 



I was in for a hammering, I thought, but my militia rifles held up the much better jagers the whole game (avoiding the morale test which they could demand a re-roll on), Matt launched one grenadier unit ahead of the others and got shot up badly. His second destroyed one of my two Continental units, then almost did the same to the second and I thought it was all up when his remaining grenadiers stormed the wall and drove back a militia unit in disorder. But another militia unit, defying the gods of probability, stepped up and rolled about nine 6s to win a melee and drive them back over the wall.

So we 'd been playing two hours, and called it a draw, in the best 'goal in added time' sense."