Friday, March 22, 2019

Just another "Bug Hunt"?

Playtesting/Revising an old ruleset Howard was developing for a defunct game company called Alien Wars.

Euro-Force attempts to break into a bunker protected by some PutiImperials.
The Neo-Sovs occupy a ruined city, with some added defenses.

EF blasts its way thru the gate- the engineers accidentally included themselves in the blast.

A Euro chopper lands a team near the objective .
Firefights rage in all sections of the table.

Nate's EF lands in the rear of Dan's Neo Ovs, but not enough time to get to the bunker.

Figures are 28mm/30mm AT43 from Nate, ruined buildings mostly from Howard's collection  or mine and vehicles are dollar store toys cleverly modified by Mr. Whithouse.