Saturday, July 29, 2017

AWI with "A Gentleman's War".

Loosely based on the Bennington scenario from the Black Powder Rebellion! Supplement.
We used different forces and slightly modified terrain (a house was substituted for the southern redoubt).
Cavalry were involved to playtest some rules.
Dan played the American forces entering on the right.  Howard played the Americans that would enter from the far left corner.  Reinforcements coming in after turn 1.
I played the crown forces, with Hessian s holding the redoubt and 2 British units holding the river ford.  I would get 2 units from the road after turn 2.
Dan got a series of activation cards in a row and pushed everyone up to the river.
He sent his dragoons across to test the British mettle.
They had plenty of metal as well, and saw the horses off.
Back at the redoubt,  Howard's troops made it on board and pushed out of the woods to storm the defenses.
In their best coordinated assault, 2 units of Americans went in to attack the Future Pennsylvanians.  At 24 dice to 12, i expected to get crushed...
But the dice were with the Hessians and they sent the Americans back down the hill.  After this, the Americans tried a few more times, but each attack was piecemeal and defeated.
Back at the river, Dan starts to send his militia across on a flanking manuever.
Steady, boys!  (Dan's figures from Front Rank)
The British charged, the mere threat sent the militia scrambling for the Green Mountains.  The unit across the tiver stood fast, delivering accurate fire that pushed the Brits back.
In turn 3 the Loyalist cavalry came storming down the road to the rescue.
With time about up, the US dragoons gave it one last charge....
...but the results were predictable of light cav against formed troops.
Altering history, the Crown retained possession of the redoubts, keeping the Hampshire Grants safe from American radicalism.
A fun game, thanks to my Gentlemen at arms.  All figures 28mm Perry, Foundry and Front Rank.  Houses are Dan's from 4Ground.  The redoubt is part of a fort my father made me some years ago.

Monday, July 10, 2017

SAGA campaign season 4: the Bones of Saint Winnifree

Age of the wolf Saga campaign Season 4.
Rogbert the Handsome has carved out an impressive holding in the British isle, making him the envy and target of his neighbors.
One of his land holdings contains the burial site of the bones of Saint Winnifree.  A nearby Anglo Saxon upstart has gotten into his mind to "liberate" these lands and moves in in force.
It is time to defend the sacred ground.
The Normans move into grab the sacred ground first.

They destroy a Saxon levy bowmen unit.
The Saxon shieldwall then advances, eliminating the Norman hearthguard.
The cost is too much for some moldy old bones.  Rogbert retreats, leaving the sacred ground to the Saxon Pig.

Friday, July 7, 2017

Take the gold pieces and run, Part 2

9The second installment of our Lord of the Rings SBG/dungeon game.
Our Dwarven King candidates continue to loot the Mines of Moria.
Dan sends his pet stone golem to fight the cave troll.
Howard finds a secret passage into a cavern passagway.  There, a helpfull little fellow tries to convince him to take a certain corridor.
After defeating the cave troll, Dan uses the Golem to hold off the goblins as he heads into the caverns.
Howard declines the help of the cavern dweller, and moves first into the caverns, viewing the bridge of kazud-dur.
Being a more trusting sort, Dan follows the helpful fellows advice and heads down the passage looking for a secret exit.
Howard clears and loots the goblins sacrificial chamber.
Howard heads across the bridge, noticing a deadly trap just in time.
The King clears the bridgehead.  His last warrior is shot down from goblin arrows in the back.
Howard's king and one hearthguard are all that limp out of the mines of moria.
After escaping the maze of caverns the little fellow sent them down, Dan's group exits the mines back the way the came.

After adding up the loot, Howard came away with 500gp worth of relics.  Dan came home with 800gp.
Dan is the new high king!

A link to Dan's report:

Friday, June 30, 2017

LotR: The Unfellowship of the Dwarves, part 1

We had a go at some Lord of the Rings mini game from Games Workshop the other night.
I made up the scenario and umpired.  Nate took the Evil goblins and Howard and Dan played leaders of a dwarf family each seeking the throne in their homeland by returning from the Mines of Moria with the most treasure.
Each dwarf family consisted of the Dwarf King, his son (a slightly better fighter), 2 hearthguard,  and 7 regular warriors with mixed weapons.  They have to make their way through the mines and collect Dwarven relics on the way.  Whomever makes it home with the most will be elected the High King.
I won't divulge the Goblin forces since we have another game to play.

Turn 1: Dan rolled to go first and he heads towards the Throne room.  Howard goes towards the prison.
The goblins have turned the prison into a warg kennel.  Howard does not rile the beast and continues towards the armoury.
Here he makes first contact with a goblin ambush squad.
He easily defeats them and clears the armory.
Dan splits his company, sending the Son to collect 2 treasures.  They also discover a secret passage.
Dan's King goes into Balin's tomb and loots a powerful artifact from Balin's crypt.
Nate decides to reveal one of his cave trolls from the throne room.
It heads down the hall with some goblins, heading for Balin's tomb.
Cut off, Dan's dwarf prince decides to use the secret passage to escape the troll.
Dan's king heads out the tombs side door just as Howard's group enters Balin's tomb.
Howard forms a battle formation to recieve the troll and friends.
On the way out of the tomb, Dan falls into a pit trap and goblin ambush.
Howard engages the cave troll in a cinematic battle (really, they should film something like this sometime).  He defeats the troll, but at the cost of his Dwarf Princes life.
Meanwhile,  Dan's Prince stumbles into an amush in the Workshop.
With the king coming in behind, they clear the Workshop with light casualties. Nate reveals another cave troll and heads for the workshop.
A tough fight lies ahead.

In the last turn Dan figures out how to activate the Dwarven stone golem. 

We had to stop here due to time but decided to continue next week.  Stay tuned for part 2!
I haven't played LotR SBG in a long time.  I gave it a quick read through the day before but still messed up a bunch of stuff.  Since it was equal to both sides i don't think it affected the outcome but i will try to correct it next time.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Saga Age of the Wolf campaign: end of Season 3

Season 3 the Normans are defending,  trying to recover some loses by recruiting at home.
The pesky Vikings,  led by Halvar wil not let us rest, however,  and choose to raid us this season.
   Dan (Halvar) came by and we rolled up the scenario: Escort!  Third time!  Those greedy Vikings/Saxons  can't keep their hands off my caravans!  Must be the wine.
We rolled out our terrain and ended up with woods and a house in the middle and a rough rocky ground on my right flank.
I set up the Normans very similar to last time, 2 wagons far left with hearthguard and warlord,  1 wagon far right with crossbow warriors.   Mounted warriors in middle.  They were faced by (left to right) viking warriors, warlord and hearthguard center, warriors and hearthguard on right.
With only 1 unit of warriors in the way i figured it would be easy to steamroll my way passed, so the hearthguard went forward.
Of course, luck was not there and i lost the first combat and had to fall back.
I had to go in a second time, this time taling the viking warriors down to a single figure.   The wagons then pushed forward and one made it off the board.  The second came a single activation from reaching the board edge.
It was a long way to go, but Dan put everything into his hearthguard to move them 18" and catch up to the last wagon.  They were heavily fatigued so they actually lost the fight...
2 hearthguard remain (of 4) after the melee.   But Dan had 1 activation die left...
So in they went and this time they destroyed the wagon, with only 1 hearthguard remaining.
With an easy win snatched from my grasp, we were now in for a bloody slog as i had to get the other wagon off the board and it was blocked by a formidable 2 viking units.
I started moving the wagon to the left, screened by crossbows.
The viking warriors charged out to the crossbows.  A pretty even match but i rolled lucky and sent them back minus 6 men.
Next round i put all activations into getting my warlord and heartguard across the table.  On the way they ran over and killed poor Halvar.  I had nothing against him personally,  he was just generating too many saga dice for the vikings.  They reached the battle and dispatched the last 3 viking warriors.
Now the viking hearthguard was all that remained, and Dan sent them against my tired horsemen.
They won the combat 3 to 2 and my hearthguard fell back.
Although it was not the most honorable move, my crossbowmen then shot them down.  Ending the viking resistance.
In the post battle phase, Halvar was rolled a "dead" result.