Saturday, March 11, 2017

Chain of Command: "29 Let's Go!" Scenario 1

We played the first scenario of CoC's pint sized campaign "29th , Let's Go ".
Since we had 4 players we doubled the base forces (1 platoon per player) but kept the support the same.
The US chose 2 Shermans, 1 .30cal MMG, and a 60mm mortar.
The Germans had all their support points in defenses and a pak 40.
This is a probe scenario so the victory condition is for the attacker to exit 1 unit off the enemy table edge.

The battlefield from the US side (east).
The US southern flank.
Nate deploys his platoon on the hedge. (South flank)
The US brings on first M4.

Fusiler Dan deploys his Americans on the North flank.
My Germans deploy  on the south flank.
Howard's Germans deploy in the orchard on the north flank.
Nate gets a double phase and seizes the opportunity to start the advance.  1 squad lays down fire while the other 2 rush across the field.
The M4 moves up looking for targets.
Howard's germans keep Dan's Americans busy on the north side.
I bring my last squad in and senior leader as my first squad has been chewed up 50% by the US base of fire.

Getting ready to repel the invaders.
The M4 moves into the south field, MGs blazing to support the infantry assault.
And then I rolled 3 phases in a row...
With 3 MG42's chattering away and the panzerschrek team blasting (even I don't miss a tank when I have 3 tries) pretty much spelled doom for the US chances on the south flank.

Howard played a CoC die and used an ambush manuever to take out the second M4.
As it was now late and the US chances seemed slim we called the game even though force morale was still strong (the US started at 11!).

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