Friday, May 26, 2017

Mad Dogs with Guns: Eastenders vs Westies

We had another go at Mad Dogs with Guns gangster era game.
This time Notorious Nate, leader of the West Side Boys, faced off against Dastardly Dan, crime boss of the Eastenders.  A thin line of blue and Broadway separates these two from their (randomly chosen) criminal goals.
Nate has drawn the goals of "Get the embezzling city comptroller out of the municipal building and out of town" and "raid the other crime bosses HQ".  He and his men run out of their HQ and hop in their car.  Unfortunately a sharp eyed beat cop spots the violin case and walks over to investigate.  "Whataya mugs got in the case there?"
Notorious Nate tries to charm his way out, but his excuse of going to music lessons falls flat.   "Somebody get this flatfoot outta my face!"
One of Nate's thugs runs up and puts the bat to the boy in blue.
Another beatcop witnesses the beat down and plugs the thug with his .38
Nate races passed the scene to get to the municipal building.
While Nate goes inside to find the comptroller,  his torpedo starts a shootout with the copper.
The cop beats a retreat into the station to fetch some heavier firepower, while his partner blazes away from the window with a tommy gun.
Nate emerges with the comptroller,  kicking a confused citizen down the stairs.
Meanwhile  on the east side, Dastardly Dan has his missions, rescue the priest and raid the safe in Nate's HQ.  He splits up his team and sets out.
Two of his team negotiate by an inquisitive couple and enter the church.
Dan and two thugs drive over to Nate's hideout.
Meanwhile Nate gets the comptroller in the car and drives away amidst ineffectual police shooting.
On the way passed the church his torpdo makes a dexterous leap from the running board.
East side Ernie convinces the priest he should come with them, but spots the torpedo laying in wait outside the church yard.  "Is der a back door to dis place, faddah?"
"Yes, my son, this way"  the trio high tail it out the side door.
Back at Nate's HQ, Dan and his shooters go in guns blazing.

They dro Nate's gun moll and slugger without taking a scratch.
While Dan cracks the safe, the shooting has gotten the attention of the tommy gun wielding policeman.
Officer Roland blocks the front door, smg at the ready.  Dan's shooters try to light him up but they are cut down in turn.
Safe contents in hand, Dastardly Dan escapes out the backdoor.  "So long, suckahs!"
And back on the east side, Nate's torpedo heads to Dan's hideout.  Dan has left his tommygunner to guard his stash.
Unfortunately for Hungry Harry, he is caught holding a baloney sandwich instead of his gun.  The toredo plugs him dead before he can switch.  He then raids Dan's locker and makes a clean getaway.
Ernie and the priest eventually make it to safety as well.  Both players accomplished both their objectives, but Notorious Nate finished first, gathering the Top Banana honors.
Rules: Mad Dogs with Guns
Scale: 28mm
Miniatures: Copplestone, Ral Partha, RAFM
Buildings: 4ground, MBA, Plasticville, scratch built foam core.

You can view Dan's version here:

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