Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Saga Age of the Wolf campaign: end of Season 3

Season 3 the Normans are defending,  trying to recover some loses by recruiting at home.
The pesky Vikings,  led by Halvar wil not let us rest, however,  and choose to raid us this season.
   Dan (Halvar) came by and we rolled up the scenario: Escort!  Third time!  Those greedy Vikings/Saxons  can't keep their hands off my caravans!  Must be the wine.
We rolled out our terrain and ended up with woods and a house in the middle and a rough rocky ground on my right flank.
I set up the Normans very similar to last time, 2 wagons far left with hearthguard and warlord,  1 wagon far right with crossbow warriors.   Mounted warriors in middle.  They were faced by (left to right) viking warriors, warlord and hearthguard center, warriors and hearthguard on right.
With only 1 unit of warriors in the way i figured it would be easy to steamroll my way passed, so the hearthguard went forward.
Of course, luck was not there and i lost the first combat and had to fall back.
I had to go in a second time, this time taling the viking warriors down to a single figure.   The wagons then pushed forward and one made it off the board.  The second came a single activation from reaching the board edge.
It was a long way to go, but Dan put everything into his hearthguard to move them 18" and catch up to the last wagon.  They were heavily fatigued so they actually lost the fight...
2 hearthguard remain (of 4) after the melee.   But Dan had 1 activation die left...
So in they went and this time they destroyed the wagon, with only 1 hearthguard remaining.
With an easy win snatched from my grasp, we were now in for a bloody slog as i had to get the other wagon off the board and it was blocked by a formidable 2 viking units.
I started moving the wagon to the left, screened by crossbows.
The viking warriors charged out to the crossbows.  A pretty even match but i rolled lucky and sent them back minus 6 men.
Next round i put all activations into getting my warlord and heartguard across the table.  On the way they ran over and killed poor Halvar.  I had nothing against him personally,  he was just generating too many saga dice for the vikings.  They reached the battle and dispatched the last 3 viking warriors.
Now the viking hearthguard was all that remained, and Dan sent them against my tired horsemen.
They won the combat 3 to 2 and my hearthguard fell back.
Although it was not the most honorable move, my crossbowmen then shot them down.  Ending the viking resistance.
In the post battle phase, Halvar was rolled a "dead" result.

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