Friday, June 30, 2017

LotR: The Unfellowship of the Dwarves, part 1

We had a go at some Lord of the Rings mini game from Games Workshop the other night.
I made up the scenario and umpired.  Nate took the Evil goblins and Howard and Dan played leaders of a dwarf family each seeking the throne in their homeland by returning from the Mines of Moria with the most treasure.
Each dwarf family consisted of the Dwarf King, his son (a slightly better fighter), 2 hearthguard,  and 7 regular warriors with mixed weapons.  They have to make their way through the mines and collect Dwarven relics on the way.  Whomever makes it home with the most will be elected the High King.
I won't divulge the Goblin forces since we have another game to play.

Turn 1: Dan rolled to go first and he heads towards the Throne room.  Howard goes towards the prison.
The goblins have turned the prison into a warg kennel.  Howard does not rile the beast and continues towards the armoury.
Here he makes first contact with a goblin ambush squad.
He easily defeats them and clears the armory.
Dan splits his company, sending the Son to collect 2 treasures.  They also discover a secret passage.
Dan's King goes into Balin's tomb and loots a powerful artifact from Balin's crypt.
Nate decides to reveal one of his cave trolls from the throne room.
It heads down the hall with some goblins, heading for Balin's tomb.
Cut off, Dan's dwarf prince decides to use the secret passage to escape the troll.
Dan's king heads out the tombs side door just as Howard's group enters Balin's tomb.
Howard forms a battle formation to recieve the troll and friends.
On the way out of the tomb, Dan falls into a pit trap and goblin ambush.
Howard engages the cave troll in a cinematic battle (really, they should film something like this sometime).  He defeats the troll, but at the cost of his Dwarf Princes life.
Meanwhile,  Dan's Prince stumbles into an amush in the Workshop.
With the king coming in behind, they clear the Workshop with light casualties. Nate reveals another cave troll and heads for the workshop.
A tough fight lies ahead.

In the last turn Dan figures out how to activate the Dwarven stone golem. 

We had to stop here due to time but decided to continue next week.  Stay tuned for part 2!
I haven't played LotR SBG in a long time.  I gave it a quick read through the day before but still messed up a bunch of stuff.  Since it was equal to both sides i don't think it affected the outcome but i will try to correct it next time.

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