Friday, July 7, 2017

Take the gold pieces and run, Part 2

9The second installment of our Lord of the Rings SBG/dungeon game.
Our Dwarven King candidates continue to loot the Mines of Moria.
Dan sends his pet stone golem to fight the cave troll.
Howard finds a secret passage into a cavern passagway.  There, a helpfull little fellow tries to convince him to take a certain corridor.
After defeating the cave troll, Dan uses the Golem to hold off the goblins as he heads into the caverns.
Howard declines the help of the cavern dweller, and moves first into the caverns, viewing the bridge of kazud-dur.
Being a more trusting sort, Dan follows the helpful fellows advice and heads down the passage looking for a secret exit.
Howard clears and loots the goblins sacrificial chamber.
Howard heads across the bridge, noticing a deadly trap just in time.
The King clears the bridgehead.  His last warrior is shot down from goblin arrows in the back.
Howard's king and one hearthguard are all that limp out of the mines of moria.
After escaping the maze of caverns the little fellow sent them down, Dan's group exits the mines back the way the came.

After adding up the loot, Howard came away with 500gp worth of relics.  Dan came home with 800gp.
Dan is the new high king!

A link to Dan's report:

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