Saturday, July 29, 2017

AWI with "A Gentleman's War".

Loosely based on the Bennington scenario from the Black Powder Rebellion! Supplement.
We used different forces and slightly modified terrain (a house was substituted for the southern redoubt).
Cavalry were involved to playtest some rules.
Dan played the American forces entering on the right.  Howard played the Americans that would enter from the far left corner.  Reinforcements coming in after turn 1.
I played the crown forces, with Hessian s holding the redoubt and 2 British units holding the river ford.  I would get 2 units from the road after turn 2.
Dan got a series of activation cards in a row and pushed everyone up to the river.
He sent his dragoons across to test the British mettle.
They had plenty of metal as well, and saw the horses off.
Back at the redoubt,  Howard's troops made it on board and pushed out of the woods to storm the defenses.
In their best coordinated assault, 2 units of Americans went in to attack the Future Pennsylvanians.  At 24 dice to 12, i expected to get crushed...
But the dice were with the Hessians and they sent the Americans back down the hill.  After this, the Americans tried a few more times, but each attack was piecemeal and defeated.
Back at the river, Dan starts to send his militia across on a flanking manuever.
Steady, boys!  (Dan's figures from Front Rank)
The British charged, the mere threat sent the militia scrambling for the Green Mountains.  The unit across the tiver stood fast, delivering accurate fire that pushed the Brits back.
In turn 3 the Loyalist cavalry came storming down the road to the rescue.
With time about up, the US dragoons gave it one last charge....
...but the results were predictable of light cav against formed troops.
Altering history, the Crown retained possession of the redoubts, keeping the Hampshire Grants safe from American radicalism.
A fun game, thanks to my Gentlemen at arms.  All figures 28mm Perry, Foundry and Front Rank.  Houses are Dan's from 4Ground.  The redoubt is part of a fort my father made me some years ago.

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