Thursday, August 17, 2017

Battle-Troll: Pig hunting in the fjords

We got together to play a game of Howard's "Battle-Troll", a game of Norse dark age skirmish.
In this 4 player game, Howard and Nate played 2 viking bands coming to raid my village.  Dan took a band (my cousin from down the road) who would show up in the second turn.
Howard and Nate head across the beach.
Civilians run for their lives.
Outnumbered,  I held my shieldwall back hoping for reinforcements to arrive.
Howard gets to the village first.
He loots the first of the 3 houses and scores some pickled herring.
We taunt each other.
My shieldwall charges in, inflicting one casualty on a carl.
Dan arrives at the end of the turn.
Nate sends his forces against Dan.

Nate sends an axe through Dan's unhistoric helmet- killing him.
Victory is short lived, as Dan's hearthguard and carls swarm Nate and take him down with serious wounds.
Nate's carls flee for the ship.  Now outnumbered, Howard pulls back with his loot.
Dan's men give chase and catch up on the beach.
My men catch up as well, and in leader on leader combat, Howard's hero succumbs to wounds.

The remaining invaders hop in their ship and flee, leaving their leaders behind.  The pigs are safe!

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